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The expensive price of the collaborative robot is the most obvious barrier to small and mid-size enterprises, UFACTORY breaks down it. Our affordable and durable robots can be used by companies and organizations of all sizes to help them improve productivity and win competitiveness in the variable market.


UFACTORY created uArm (the first table-top robot arm in the world), and it won 1263 backers’ supports on Kickstarter.


UFACTORY released uArm Swift on INDIEGOGO and funded more than $100k. Finally, it became the most popular robot arm campaign in 2017.


xArm (6-axis collaborative robot) was launched to meet more applications.
It has a max payload of 5kg and a reach of 700mm, it's popular in commercial applications and light industrial applications.


UFACTORY announced Lite 6 (an economical and compact 6-axis collaborative robot).
It has a payload of 1kg and a reach of 440mm, it’s the preferred robot arm for robotic researchers and engineers.

Our Clients

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